Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Painting with Crayons

Love this technique there is so many wonderful things that can be done with this.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Quoting Bertrand Russel

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Words Words What do you mean?

Words mean different things to different people, I am a newcomer to New York I’ve only lived here about ten years, my ex-boyfriend was born and still lives in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He was always correcting me when I called the little market down the street from me a grocery he said, “It’s a supermarket. A supermarket has more than one register; a grocery store only has one register. “This store is small; it has four registers. Sometimes they will carry something I eat but then they won’t restock it so I find it impossible to do my shopping there. The only things that I buy there are orange juice, tea, olives and chips. To me a supermarket is big; it has a bakery, a deli, a pharmacy… variety. The market down the street would fit into the produce section of a supermarket; that’s the difference of perception. Though real estate is at a premium in New York City and so apartments are small, a lot of things are small, NY City does have supermarkets. I still don’t think the market down the street from me is one of them.   

A second word that has different meanings to my ex and me is “normal” he had a practice of telling me “act normal”, “be normal,” etc., like he thought normal was a good thing. He had the wrong woman! I don’t do “normal.” Actually, make it “can’t do normal,” because I am not, never have been. I come from a long line of people who would think to be called normal is an insult. To me normal means average and boring. To my ex being normal was the ultimate goal; he thought he was the epitome of normal. If he had struck me as normal I would never have gone out with him. He still doesn’t seem normal to me. My mother explained to me, that’s because I am not familiar with his culture, that within his culture he fits right in. Understanding culture has been a challenge for me at times. My young brother married a woman from Trinidad. Before and during the wedding we didn’t understand what her family expected; we offended them. Even though they had lived in NY for years and years they didn’t understand our traditions and blew off our invitations at the last minute, just to go shopping. We were offended. They were offended because we weren’t as outgoing and friendly as they thought we should be, so they decided it was a white/black thing. First of all, there is only one outgoing person in my family and he was out of the state. Secondly I didn’t notice any of them making any effort at all to be friendly; it is just a very uncomfortable thing. Fortunately my brother gets along with his in-laws very well and they like him a lot, me that’s a different story; I just don’t get the hang of getting along with them so I just quit trying.   

Today as I was about to enter a store I saw it was closed. A woman came up beside me; seeing the store was closed she said, “Shit”. At first I thought she was really upset but she didn’t appear to be upset and I realized that was just her way of talking. My last boyfriend’s word was f#%k he would text it, say it till I was sick of hearing it. The ironic thing was that when we first started going together I said f#%k to him once and he repeatedly brought it up, was upset by it, and never let me forget it. (I was angry at someone else but he got caught in the line of fire) A previous ex. was a schoolteacher who didn’t want to swear so he would say ‘rat hinny;” gross thing to say. I think a man with a college degree as verbally talented and with as high an IQ as he has would be able to think of a more adequate way to express himself.                                        

When I moved to my apartment, people at the front desk and in neighborhood shops would call me “Mama.” I’d feel very angry and wonder what they were upset about but I’d just be polite and move on because I don’t believe in getting into a row with someone just because they insult me. Eventually my ex explained that it wasn’t meant as disrespect and it was their way of being polite. I also had to learn not to offer to shake hands with Jewish Orthodox men and that I needed to be considerate and be extra careful not to bump or touch them. This was something that didn’t make any sense to me for a few years and I was slow to understand. But everywhere I go here in New York people have customs and different ways of doing things that I don’t understand. It’s frustrating that it takes me so long to understand. And even then that’s not always enough to make us comfortable with one another.     

Thursday, December 26, 2013

What every woman and girl needs to know about beauty and models

I was watching videos on Photoshop when I came across this "High End Beauty Retouching"  I just think every woman and girl  should take the opertunity  to see what it takes to make a model look good enough.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Two Women Risk Their Lives TWERKING on 600-volt live NYC Subway Tracks

Well found out before Thanksgiving why we had to wait so long in the subway. As you can see on the video there was a guy taking a video of women twerking on the tracks Thankfully they weren't fried or run over, every year people are killed and injured by subway trains. Often the  young need extra guardian angels to keep them alive long enough to gain experience.     
 Didn't post until today because I was having computer problems thankfully my Dad knows a whole lot about computers and my brothers a computer tec. they put a whole lot of hours getting my computer straitened back out. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Been away from blogging for a long time now
A lot has happened in my life as I am sure it has
in everyone's I would have been terrified if
anyone had told me what was going to
happen but one day at a time and a lot of
wonderful support when I needed it
everything well be okay
and I and setting myself a goal of blogging